Consumer protection watchdog: Russia struck by obesity epidemic

Credit: Vladimir Vyatkin | RIAN

Russia’s Federal Supervision Service for Consumer Protection and Welfare has recorded a rising number of obesity cases. There are now 130% more obese people in the country than seven years ago.

On World Obesity Day, the agency released statistics which confirms that more than a half of Russians aged over 30 have excess weight and, therefore, various degrees of obesity. The agency sees the cause in unhealthy eating habits rather than in higher purchasing power. Russians consume a lot of refined products and fast food while keeping to a sedentary lifestyle.

The consumer protection service plans to remedy the situation by launching a mobile app which, according to Director Anna Popova, will help with matching a diet to each user’s needs and encourage more mindful shopping.

Careless eaters usually end up overweight, which results in cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. Obesity shortens life as the acute stage of the disorder reduces life expectancy by 15 years.

Spreading obesity is a global issue. The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030 40% of the world population will be overweight. Russia is already getting ahead of this prognosis. The number of obese people in Europe is lower by half (up to 25%).

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