Coronavirus prankster took a wrong turn and now is sentenced to five years in jail

Police in Moscow arrested a man who tried to imitate a coronavirus victim as a part of his prank in a metro train. In the light of the recent outbreak of the coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, people can get easily intimidated and even frightened. Thus, the man was sentenced to five years in jail as a punishment.

On the footage posted online, it can be seen how the passengers were trying to help the man wearing a mask to stand up after he falls to the floor of a crowded metro train. After more people rush to help him, he starts experiencing serious convulsions.

The suspect was sentenced a prison term as he was detained on suspicion of hooliganism.

Now, as Russia’s inferior ministry announced, they are searching for two others who in the video were shouting that the man had coronavirus. Irina Volk, a spokeswoman for the ministry, said, “Accomplices shouted phrases about the presence of a dangerous viral infection provoking a panic among passengers.”

After the case became public, many Russian media outlets named the incident “the prank that got out of control”.

The video which was initially available on Kara.prank website, was then deleted. As the lawyer representing the suspect commented, “He is in shock. He came of his own accord, he didn’t hide. He did not expect all this. The interrogating officer himself stated that the case will probably be dismissed.”

It is worth mentioning that after there were cases of coronavirus detected in Russia, the authorities quarantined over 140 people and now keep them in a fenced-off facility in Siberia where they also receive treatment if needed.

By Natalia Revishvili,

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