COVID situation in Russia is hard

“The situation in the country is certainly not easy but it is under control. In some of the regions the situation is hard,” Vladimir Putin said at a videoconference meeting with government members, presidential web page reports.


The number of new cases of the disease is growing. The number of serious complications is also on the rise. The most alarming factor is an increase in the death rate. The relatively low disease rates in some regions should question the quality of diagnostics, timely detection of the disease, organization of out-patient observation and the efficiency of home treatment.”

As he noted, “In many regions people are experiencing a shortage or even absence of the required medicine at chemists, and that people have to wait for a doctor’s appointment or the arrival of an ambulance for a long time. There are quite a few cases when people in a serious condition are left at home although they should have been taken to hospital in line with all indications. Medical institutions are doing much work that is not directly related to treating patients, and medical students who are brought in by medical institutions are doing some of it. Among other things, this made it possible to free up experienced specialists to work in the red zones. The students who can work effectively should be incentivized. Medical college, residents and post-graduate students in medical specialties should receive payments in the amount of RUR 10K ($132) a month, and medical school students RUR 7K ($92).”

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