Czech-Russian joint venture to be established in Yugra

During the Yugra Industrial Forum, Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area Natalya Komarova had a working meeting with Consul General of the Czech Republic in Yekaterinburg Josef Marsicek where she noted the decrease in trade over the past two years: “In 2018, this indicator was $69,700 against $378,600 in 2017.”

Natalya Komarova stressed that there are opportunities and resources that could be used in the interests of both parties to intensify the trade relations. In 2018, Yugra exported timber, wooden products and charcoal to the Czech Republic while the latter exported ceramics and ground transportation vehicles.

As one of the areas for expanding economic ties, the governor mentioned the cooperation and joint activity agreement between Intekh Group (Russia), Antares-AZV, Granex and IWET (Czech Republic) concerning localization of production of hi-tech water treatment facilities in Yugra.

The head of the region suggested considering the opportunity of supplying environmentally clean wild-growing plants, fish products and, potentially, forest and heathberries. There are also prospects for student exchanges and tourism links.

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