Economist predicts global hunger due to pandemic

A huge food crisis is going to hit the world, according to Chief Economist of the World Food Program Arif Husain.

Program experts estimate that 265 mio will be starving in 2020, which is twice as many as the year before.

At the same time, food prices and the scope of sowing and harvesting are not showing any shortage tendencies. However, experts still claim that hunger may become an extremely pressing issue – due to the drastic decline in people’s income, Izvestia reports.

Experts still admit that the lockdown will hardly cause any serious problems to the agricultural industry since none of the countries in the world imposed any strict restrictions on farmers’ work and movement. Fruit and berry producers may face some challenges as this labor-consuming industry is difficult to automate.

A drastic decline in people’s income seems to be the biggest danger. For developed countries, it means cutting down on non-food purchases. In poor countries, lower income may result in reducing food consumption.

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