Economist predicts new global crisis

The global economy will face a new crisis in the next four or five years, according to Tatyana Kulikova, an expert from the Steklov Mathematical Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences.


However, according to her, Russia has every chance of emerging from the new crisis with fewer losses than other countries. Russia has accumulated enough money to use as an airbag, and oil prices stand at an acceptable level, Tatyana Kulikova explained. The new crisis will affect Europe and the United States more severely, while Russia will remain an island of relative stability, according to The new crisis is likely to hit Russia’s export potential; its negative consequences will affect the volume of the country’s commodity exports. However, oil and gas prices will not sink; if anything, we will see an upward climb as soon as the crisis is over.

Invest Foresight earlier cited an American investor who predicted a new financial crisis as early as next fall. According to him, American stocks may plummet by 15% by the end of October.

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