Eurasian Aerospace Congress to increase in scale

The Third Eurasian Aerospace Congress, which begins its work within the framework of the business program of the International Aviation and Space Show MAKS 2019, will increase its scale. More than 650 delegates are expected to attend whereas the event program will become  broader.

According to Alexey Lavrov, Chairman of the Council of the Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters, “We evaluate strategic changes, new challenges and prospects in order to develop competent management decisions. This year we will also pay attention to the issues of interaction between science and industry, and consider the positive experience gained in the European Union and Asia.”

In addition to traditional participants representing the Aerospace industry, leaders and specialists from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading research institutes and universities have been invited to join the dialogue at the congress venue.

The program of the event will include plenary sessions on the “Strategic changes in the global aerospace industry: New managerial challenges and prospects” and “Innovation technologies: New solutions in the aerospace industry” topics, as well as six conferences and two round tables.

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