Expert shares which cars Russians buy during crisis

Russians began to focus more on value-for-money when choosing their car. Previously, they looked primarily at the vehicle’s design and specifications, said Vladimir Miroshnikov, development director at Rolf.

The Korean Kia led the market in terms of revenue in January-April 2020. A number of Kia models are now covered under state programs to stimulate demand, a move that has positively influenced sales, the expert noted. The program has been extended to vehicles worth up to RUR 1.5 mio ($22K).

Toyota took second place in the revenue ranking, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports. The company earned RUR 76.7 bln ($1.1 bln) in Russia in January-April.

German BMW and Mercedes-Benz are also in the black. BMW made RUR 59.6 bln ($866 mio) during the reporting period, and Mercedes-Benz, RUR 59.5 bln ($864.5mio).

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