Expert warns against potential dangers of AI

The majority of Russians believe that humanity will soon be unable to do without artificial intelligence (AI) technology, while nearly 40% of respondents fear that their profession will be replaced by AI algorithms, RIA Novosti reported quoting a VTB survey.

As many as of 39% Russians fear job loss or personal data loss due to evolving technology. However, despite the risks, society is unlikely to be able to do without AI in the future – 67% of survey participants supported this view.

Indeed, for all its benefits, AI growing more widespread and sophisticated poses certain risks and dangers, but those aren’t about a fictional rise of the machines. One of the key concerns is security, because the technology is being used for cyberattacks already.

“There are new generation exploits that substantially boost the attacker’s efficiency, making attacks more sophisticated,” explains Valery Andreyev, deputy CEO for research and development at IVK.

To counter the risks, it is important to clearly define the “artificial intelligence” concept and draft legislation that would stipulate what it is and specify the possible threats, the expert believes.The first step has already been taken: this year, Russia plans to establish a unified 24/7 cyber response center – a CERT for artificial intelligence.

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