Experts: “Foreign companies need Russian goods”

Demand for Russian products abroad may increase. However, to expand the geography of sales markets, it is important to provide several options for logistics solutions. At the same time, it is important that the product should be by competitive not only in quality, but also in value. This was told by experts during a meeting with Russian exporters. The event has passed in online format. The organizers were Synergy Corporation together with the Export Support Center of the Perm Territory.


Participants shared recommendations taking into account current realities and told, what stages of preparation for export should be paid attention to today. According to Timur Kornilov, Vice President for Export Programs, Synergy Corporation, up-to-date analytics and market research play a particularly important role in planning export now.

“For Russian exporters, the geography of sales markets is narrowing, many tasks arise that need to be solved. At the same time, domestic products continue to be in demand on the international market. Russian companies and foreign partners continue to look for new ways in solving the difficulties that arise. Now a special role in planning export is played by current analytics and marketing studies. You need to understand clearly, at which market your product will be competitive, not only in quality, but also in cost,” – Timur Kornilov said.

Today, each case must be considered individually, choosing the corresponding tool, the deputy director of Synergy Export Agency (part of the Synergy Corporation) Victoria Boldinskaya emphasized. The decisions made in the company should ensure the stability of supplies.

According to acting Head of the Export Support Center of the Perm Territory Yana Nikitina, “In the context of new realities in front of export-oriented companies the region has many tasks, and one of the most important ones is expansion or change of supplies’ geography, search for a new foreign buyer. But for that, to enter a new market (of friendly countries), just information about demand for goods is not sufficient – it is important to know all the features of trade relations. It is this information that we give to our exporters as part of webinars”.

Konstantin Paulov, head of the Astra Pacific operator, told about the nuances of online exports through electronic trading platforms in South Korea. According to him, the main difficulties may be associated with restrictions in international flights – it is important for companies to provide several options for logistics solutions. However, at the moment it is not recommended to use a dropshipping model.

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