Experts list the most in-demand jobs in Russia

Checkout cashier jobs are the most available in Russia, and this kind of workforce is always in great demand, according to experts at the national labor research institute (VNII), a Ministry of Labor think tank.

According to the research, as many as 20K employers in Russia need checkout cashiers. Chefs are in the second place, and teachers in the third. These occupations are followed by lawyers, social workers, nurses and procurement specialists. At the end of the top ten are secretaries and accountants, Izvestia reports.

According to the experts, 10% of companies in Russia are constantly experiencing a shortage of personnel in these positions, and such people are in high demand in the labor market. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Labor published its own list of popular job openings. According to the officials, Russia needs construction workers most of all. There is also a significant shortage of drivers and workers in engineering industries.

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