Explosives’ fast detection

Specialists of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad) and of Gebze Technical University (Turkey) have developed a new method of identifying explosives and toxic nitrogenous liquids. It allows detecting explosives nearly instantaneously and hence can be effectively used at security check points, Eurek Alert portal reports.

Vladimir Kornev | RIAN

Physicists employed nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation method in a small magnetic field at nitrogen nucleus (14N). The matter is a traditional nuclear magnetic resonance method can not be employed at a check point since the equipments is heavy and expensive whereas data analysis takes too much time. The new method was developed by Russian and Turkish researchers and suggests a different technical approach which reduces installation and operation costs. It accelerates analytical processes as well.

“We have proved it is an efficient method of detecting large volumes of hazardous nitrogenous substances. Most toxic and highly flammable liquids we have analyzed, have a short relaxation time. That is how they can be distinguished from other relatively safe materials. An important feature of the suggested method is a little time required to detect dangerous substances”, Galina Kupriyanova, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics and one of the method developers, noted.

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