Federal Penitentiary Service suggests convicts replace labor migrants

Prisoners can be used in industries currently manned by foreign workers, Alexander Kalashnikov, head of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN), told the media.

Kirill Kalinnikov / RIAN
Kirill Kalinnikov / RIAN

He said Vladimir Putin had earlier discussed with the leaders of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan ways to encourage labor migration into Russia, which is suffering from a shortage of workforce. However, people serving their prison terms can also be used to fix it, RBC quoted Alexander Kalashnikov as saying.

Kalashnikov denied his idea would lead to a new GULAG, because convicts employed in such jobs would be provided with decent working conditions. The prisoners could be accommodated in shared housing facilities or rented apartments, and could work for a salary, which would improve their re-adaptation in society, Kalashnikov said.

Invest Foresight earlier reported that the Kazan prison colony was going to produce ice cream and had already purchased a freezer and other special equipment for the project.

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