First wind power plant built in Rostov Region

The first windmill has been built in southern Russia’s Rostov Region. The facility was installed in the Krasny Sulin county on the site where the Sulinskaya Wind Power Plant would later be developed.

The wind farm project is part of a program of the Wind Energy Development Fund (created by the Fortum energy company and the Rusnano state corporation). The plan is to build several wind farms in the region with a total capacity of up to 600 MW. The volume of investment will be about RUR 70 bln ($1.1 bln).

According to various expert estimates, Russia has about the largest wind energy potential in the world due to the size of our country and a fairly long coastline. When measured in numbers, that potential is about 16.5K TW/h per year. For comparison: in Germany, it is 2.8K TW/h per year.

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