FM on Russia’s priorities in the Arctic

Russia’s Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov participated in the 11th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, Foreign Ministry’s website reports.

Speaking at the Meeting, Lavrov noted, “Efforts to ensure the region’s sustained development in three dimensions –economic, nature-conservation and social – remain Russia’s strategic long-term goal. We consistently proceed from the premise that the Arctic’s economic development should proceed under high environmental standards and with due respect for the interests of the regional people, including the lifestyles of indigenous ethnic groups.”

“We must prioritize the preservation of the Arctic’s biodiversity, its unique and extremely vulnerable ecosystems, prevent sea and ground pollution and improve practical cooperation among the Arctic states as regards joint response measures,” he said. “As we continue to develop shipping, gas production, liquefaction and transportation facilities in the region, we intend to continue to promote energy security of Europe and Asia, to improve the quality of energy balance and to diversify transport arteries.”

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