Gazprom exports 12% up

Gazprom’s current output numbers are fully in line with the market demand and the macroeconomic situation in general. Gazprom enjoys strong liquidity, high confidence and reliability in its operations. The situation has got back to normal over the past several months, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said at a meeting with Vladimir Putin, presidential web page reports.


The operational gas reserves in Russia’s underground storage facilities will amount to 72.3 bln cubic meters. Gazprom will maintain the all-time high daily rate of gas offtake at 843.3 mio cubic meters and will pump nearly 9 bln cubic meters of gas into underground storage facilities in Europe,” Alexei Miller noted. “A total of 2,350 kilometers of gas pipelines will be constructed to supply gas to 319 towns and villages, and 410 boiler plants will be built. The country’s level of gasification will stand at 71.4% at the end of the year. Gasification will be fully completed in 11 regions. A total of 24,400 kilometers of pipelines is to be built over these five years; 3,632 towns and villages will be connected to gas supply, and the gasification level will reach 74.7%.”

According to Mileer, “In August, Gazprom supplied 5% more gas to Russian consumers than in July, and exported 12% more.

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