Gazprom to employ artificial intelligence technologies

Gazprom considers digital technologies to be one of key elements for further improving its corporate governance and strengthening its market positions, as well as a vital tool for achieving its strategic goals, corporate website reported.

Systematic work in this area is underway as part of the Informatization Strategy which includes creation and incessant expansion of an Integrated Information Environment (IIE) with a Corporate Data Bank based on key performance indicators.

46 information management systems that automate the most important business processes are already in operation at Gazprom and its core subsidiaries. Those business processes include supervisory control along with management operations in such areas as maintenance and repairs, investments, procurement, logistics, finance, budgeting, accounting and taxes, marketing and sales, property and human resources. Gazprom Group’s Data Processing Center was built to meet the computational needs of all new systems. The Center operates in compliance with the existing requirements for information security, performance, scalability, integration, and accessibility.

It is planned, inter alia, to use high-speed computation and artificial intelligence technologies to generate digital models of operational facilities (digital twins). In order to achieve cohesion and consistency in the digital versions of all facilities, a new all-encompassing digital model of Russia’s Unified Gas Supply System will be built and put into use. There are also plans to create a single virtual data storage that will automatically collect real-time data from the facilities (using the so-called Industrial Internet of Things). The Company intends to use high-performance tools to conduct in-depth analyses across the entire data set.

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