Gazprom to face major problems — expert

Gazprom will still have problems, even after Europe overcomes crisis, Andrei Nechayev, Doctor of Economics, leader of the Civic Initiative party, and Minister of the Economy in 1992–1993, believes.

Maxim Blinov / RIAN
Maxim Blinov / RIAN

In his view, Gazprom will have to compete with the US in natural gas supplies. According to Andrei Nechayev, the overall situation in Europe may become stable if demand for gas goes up, yet the US keeps pushing liquefied gas into the European market, and some countries like Poland may prefer it. As he noted, Poland has almost stopped buying gas from Gazprom. Fuel costs in Russia will hardly go down though, he added.

As Invest Foresight reported earlier, most economists believe the global crisis is yet to come, after the COVID pandemic has revealed all the economies’ faults.

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