Girl with Peaches fragrance

The Tretyakov Gallery released a line of perfumes inspired by the masterpieces from its collection.

Eight fragrances are already available in the museum’s gift shop. Each aroma is unique and conveys the atmosphere of a painting it is dedicated to. Museum visitors have been asking what Valentin Serov’s Girl with Peaches or Morning in a Pine Forest by Ivan Shishkin and Konstantin Savitsky smell like and the gallery responds: they smell like a summer day and peaches, a fresh pine forest but it is difficult to convey the fragrance for it is very subjective.

Fragrances inspired by the paintings by Polenov, Aivazovsky, Kuindzhi, Khrutsky and other artists cost RUR 2,200 ($31.6) each. In the early 2019, the museum plans to open an online gift store.

The fragrances were created by Demeter, a company specializing in unusual aromas such as smell of soil or rain which indeed resemble natural scents. After recreating most natural fragrances, Demeter decided to fantasize thus inventing the fragrances of first love and a book cover, all available online for RUR 1,700 ($24.5).

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