Green energy amounts to only 20% of energy market

The share of renewable energy sources do not exceed 20% of the global energy market, Maxim Dovgyallo, Executive Secretary of the Commission on Mining of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, said addressing the Third Climate Forum of Cities.

According to the expert, a disadvantage of using renewable energy is the impossibility to generate electricity in emergency situations such as storms.

“We need traditional backup power systems. We must forecast possible storms and use such backup sources,” Maxim Dovgyallo emphasized.

He noted that coal still remains the most affordable fuel worldwide.

“Efforts should be taken to develop clean coal technologies. Coal companies could equip their mining machinery with electric drive motors. They should also work on mitigating coal mine methane emissions,” Maxim Dovgyallo said.

He also noted that in case emitting greenhouse gases is immediately stopped, the situation will not change until 2050 due to massive global air pollution. Additional measures are required to reduce negative effects of emissions of harmful substances to air, the expert concluded.

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