Harmful work annually provokes cancer in 12,000 Russians

Credit: Andrey Alexandrov | RIAN

As many as 12,000 people annually get cancer due to hazardous work. However, only 20-30 such cases are officially registered as work-related; the others are rarely mentioned.

According to Igor Bukhtiyarov, chief occupational pathologist at the Russian Ministry of Healthcare, a large number of Russians have cancer due to harmful work. It is a global trend; in fact, there are similar patients in many other countries.

Yet, only 20-30 work-related cancer cases are registered in Russia, Bukhtiyarov said quoted by TASS. This number is negligible; in reality, according to researchers, as many as 8,000-12,000 people are annually diagnosed with cancer as a result of being employed in carcinogenic industries.

The doctor expressed confidence that hazardous occupational factors can be eliminated. It is essential to make efforts for the prevention of occupational cancer, he added.

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