Home deliveries can be restricted due to environmental implications

Buyers are about to see more changes in the retail market soon. The pandemic has prompted an explosive growth in e-commerce, an option preferred by many customers due to fast and convenient last-mile delivery options.

However, the market is about to lose this bonus, according to a forecast presented by a group of futurologists involving LOYMAX, New Retail reports. The group has made 12 outrageous predictions for the retail industry.

According to one of the predictions, growing environmental concerns are likely to make retailers gradually abandon next-hour home deliveries as well as the 10 to 15-minute express delivery to your front door option. Online deliveries are responsible for growing urban traffic congestion as well as greater carbon emissions.

According to the experts, these concerns will increase pressure on e-commerce in the next seven years, especially affecting the distributed last-mile logistics. Personnel imbalances can be another reason why retailers might try to restrict deliveries — low-skilled work is consuming too much human resources. Home deliveries can be replaced by other formats; deliveries to local fulfillment centers such as automated parcel lockers or stores will become more and more common.

As Invest Foresight wrote earlier, with time, consumers will get used to planning for longer periods, and make more purchases ‘for future use;’ at the same time, delivery time will be reduced in all segments.

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