Huobi is about to become world’s trading leader

Nowadays, Huobi cryptocurrency exchange is among the top leaders by daily volumes of its trade. According to Coinmarketcap, Huobi’s daily trade amounts to $716 mio. The cryptocurrency exchange occupies the third position of the ranking, preceded only by Binance and OKEx, yet in the nearest future this platform is expected to become the number one.

The experts of BlackBall ICO marketing agency explain how the cryptocurrency exchange may rise to leading positions in cryptotrading.

Geography of the cryptoplatform’s clients

According to Tokens24, Huobi is mainly representative of China (45% of its clients), India (5.5%), Japan (5.3%), and South Korea (4.4%). Therefore, Huobi is an unchallenged leader in trading cryptocurrencies in the Asian market.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency exchange is initiating a massive campaign to establish itself in new markets. Hence in the nearest future Huobi will be able to essentially elevate scope of its daily trade.

Russia and UAE as strategic targets

In the first turn, Huobi plans expanding its activities into the markets of Russia and UAE, as it selects environments where interest towards the cryptocurrency sector is starting to rapidly gain momentum.

In Russia, Huobi launched an office on December 6, 2018. Simultaneously, a technical support center was set to advise Huobi users in Russian, which will greatly simplify the service application.

According to the statements by corporate officials, Huobi’s office in UAE is expected to be set in early 2019.

Meanwhile, Huobi was granted a trading license in Gibraltar, thus opening a door to the European market as well.

At the moment, Huobi’s offices and over five million employees are present in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Educational activity and a principal mission

Apart from its geographical expansion (since the cryptocurrency exchange plans moving into African and South Asian markets), Huobi actively establishes educational centers that are regarded as a key factor for its future success.

In developed countries such as the USA, Canada, the EU, etc., over 70% of their residents are basically aware of cryptocurrencies, whereas in developing countries, merely 10-15% of the people have a clear idea of what digital assets are about, while polls indicate that 50% of respondent have never heard of the term.

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange thus undertakes to educate people by informing them of cryptocurrencies, their purpose, trading and of other fundamental notions. If interested, prospect users will employ Huobi platform for their trading transactions, therefore educational activity of the cryptocurrency exchange serves to subsequently attract new customers.

Major competitive advantages of the cryptocurrency exchange

Huobi’s main advantage is following decentralization principles, whereas its competitors such as Binance and Coinbase do not adhere to such principles and adjust their activities to the US foreign policies.

Huobi located its headquarters in Singapore where the cryptocurrency industry is favored and promoted. The operation of the platform there is therefore fully lawful and hence its users should not be concerned about their assets’ safety.

Another Huobi’s advantage is a handy interface and registration simplicity. A verification procedure including submission of copies of a clear photo and a principal page of a national passport, is required for being granted an access to extended functions of the platform.

By Vitaliy Bednarsky, BlackBall agency specialist

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