Innovation vouchers may appear in Russia

Innovation vouchers that give organizations the right to receive support to implement their innovative products may be introduced in Russia, said Sergey Katyrin, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, at the Intellectual Property: 21st Century International Forum. 

“Innovators bear huge costs related to receiving patents, purchasing services for the development of prototypes, preparing business plans and holding market research. The innovative voucher, which has successfully been used abroad, will allow them to get all the essential things for their work. Innovators will receive various means of support in the implementation of their products. Today we need to form a legal framework and financial base to introduce the innovative voucher in Russia,” Sergey Katyrin said, adding that Russian inventors lack the money to take their new invention to market.

“Therefore we need to relieve them from taxes, reduce the income tax and exclude the costs of receiving patents,” Katyrin said.

According to Katyrin, it is also necessary to speed up the adoption of a long-term strategy on intellectual property.

“This strategy will allow for forming the environment for high-tech companies, as well as the infrastructure to make intellectual assets part of commercial activity,” Katyrin added. 

He also said that Russia can take the lead in the development of advanced technology due to the improvement of its intellectual property regulations. 

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