Inter-sectoral association established at

The first inter-sectoral association has been established at the platform of the Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC), Moscow Mayor’s web page reports. 33 technological companies and institutions working in robotics, electronics and IT solutions, have already joined it. The goal of the innovative territorial cluster’s first project is to create a microelectronics cooperation model based on nitride technologies, including joint scientific and technical research and innovation as well as production programs.

To develop high-tech products, efforts of several professional teams are required including developers, experts on materials, equipment producers, software engineers and specialists in other areas. The format of inter-sectoral clusters will make their cooperation with the city authorities more effective. It will be easier to attract investment and launch fundamental high-tech projects. IT platform serves as a general coordination platform. Its electronic services and tools enable the creation of inter-sectoral clusters, into which participants and partners can be invited, they help build cooperation chains and provide communication within the community. Any participant in the Moscow Innovation Cluster can apply for a new inter-sectoral cluster at or join an existing cluster using the Inter-Sectoral Cluster service. The application process is for the most part carried out automatically. In order to register an inter-sectoral cluster, it is necessary to form a consortium of at least 30 organizations which will develop at least one project. All such organizations must be part of the Moscow Innovation Cluster.

The Moscow Innovation Cluster is a unique institution which introduces and develops cooperation between large companies, industry, small and medium-sized businesses, educational and scientific organizations, development institutes and municipal authorities. The MIC participants enjoy over 200 support measures as well as a wide range of useful tools. The project is supervised by the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development. The cluster includes about 9,000 organizations.

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