Kostroma: Moscow’s FDI is half of Russia’s aggregate

Investment Opportunities for British Business seminar arranged by the government of Moscow and Russo-British Chamber of Commerce took place in Moscow on April 17 and was attended by numerous representatives of the local and international business communities.

The audience was addressed, among other speakers, by Leonid Kostroma, Moscow City Investment Agency CEO, who noted the investment growth in the city reached 107% between 2011 and 2018 with foreign direct investments in Moscow making 50% of the overall investments in Russia. As Kostroma said, 25% of the municipal budget goes to support investments (as tax benefits, long-term municipal procurements, manufacturing infrastructure development allocations, technopolises/technoparks advancement).

According  to Kostroma, HiTech projects may get in Moscow maximum taxation reduction ranging between 17% and 25%. By now, 80 entities in Moscow (employing in the aggregate about 100K professionals) enjoy some sort of a support by local authorities. Moscow, as he stressed, is currently an undisputed leader in private-public partnership advancement.

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