LUKOIL to restore bioresources

LUKOIL continues the artificial reproduction of water bioresources in its operation regions. The company takes an active part in programs aimed at restoring the population of high-value fish species, corporate website reports.

In the Republic of Komi, 550K whitefish fries have already been released into the Usa river in 2020. 457K sturgeon fries will soon be stoсked into the rivers of the region. In Western Siberia, 7.5 mio fingerlings of muksun will be released into rivers of the Ob-Irtyshsky basin this year as part of the artificial reproduction of water bioresources. In the Perm region, 85Ksturgeon fries will be stocked into the Kama river this summer.

LUKOIL will provide over 1 mio sturgeon fingerlings, which have an average weight of at least 3 grams, to be released into the Volga river and its streams in the Astrakhan Region. Fish stocking activities in the water bodies of the Astrakhan Region will also take place as part of the project initiated by the Caspian Oil Company (a joint venture between LUKOIL, Rosneft and Gazprom).

The Volgograd Region is also included in the program. Over 4K sturgeon fries have already been deposited into the Medveditsa river. Over 400K carp, sturgeon, muksun and peled fries will be released in the Volgograd Region, the Republic of Tatarstan and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District by November.

Fries for stocking are supplied from fish farms owned by third-party contractors. These are modern enterprises covering the full cycle of the artificial reproduction of water bioresources at their facilities.

LUKOIL plans to spend the total of about RUR 300 mio ($4.2 mio) on fish stocking in 2020.

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