LUKOIL welcomes innovative ideas

LUKOIL reports in a media release of having set up a special web site serving for innovative cooperation with contractual partners, relating to oil refining, gas processing and petroleum chemistry. It should also help in making up a database of potential partners.

The new web portal, launched to attract developers of technologies, equipment, catalysts, additives and chemical agents, is intended particularly for manufacturing companies (mainly small sized) that have never worked with LUKOIL before.

Technology suppliers are welcome to offer innovative ideas and efficient solutions online, if contesting offers are mature for tests to prove their advantages and readiness for commercial operation in the nearest future. LUKOIL’s experts will analyze offers and resolve on opportunities of cooperation with developers of most promising projects.

Scouting for new technologies and equipment helps determine growth options for petroleum chemistry, gas processing and oil refining and at the same time solidify LUKOIL’s positions in the downstream sector.

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