Market size of corporate video content manufacturing exceeded 15 billion rubles

Such statistics are provided by the FreeMotion Group agency. Experts note, that in 2022 the video production market for various corporations amounted to about 15-16 billion rubles. The analysis estimated the cost of production of video content of 400 largest corporations in Russia. Thus, over the past 5-6 years, the market size has actually doubled.

For comparison: the market for the production of advertising video content remains on the same level over five years and is about 15 billion rubles a year.

The founder of the FreeMotion Group agency Andrei Kotov notes that the rapid growth of the corporate cinema segment is associated with the growing influence of video content on corporate sustainability and with a large spectrum of its capabilities.

“Direct advertising has a fairly limited range of tasks. Corporate video content closes a wider pool of needs and solves successfully communication tasks of large corporations, it increases loyalty of employees and consumers, it also helps attract investors. For example, our customers are increasingly paying attention to the genre of high-quality documentary that helps promote brand philosophy and reflect the company’s mission. Such content often goes afterwards to the level of regional and federal TV.”

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