MAZ supplies no longer depend on imports

Top management of the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) announced that the company has fully transitioned to Russian and Belarusian components and MAZ no longer needs import components. Now that the production of trucks and cars has returned to the pre-sanction level, all popular MAZ models are available in the MAZ AvtoSpetsTsentr dealership.

AvtoSpecCenter Group of Companies

MAZ AvtoSpetsTsentr offers a big variety of vehicles, including 650128, 6501С9, 6516C9 heavy-duty trucks and other models popular on the Russian truck market. The dealership replenishes its stocks on a regular basis: at the beginning of 2022, chassis prevailed in supplies and since mid-summer, dump trucks. Independent from Western technology, the company will be able to increase output 5% to 11,000 units by the end of the year, and make cars more affordable to end consumers.

“There is no shortage of car components and, therefore, maintenance of MAZ vehicles is provided as normal,” noted Ilya Molchanov, Director of the MAZ AvtoSpetsTsentr dealership.

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