MC-21 aircraft deliveries announced

The newest Russian airliners MC-21 may be delivered to customers abroad starting in 2023, and to Russian customers starting in 2021, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said.

The MC-21 is a Russian passenger liner developed by the Irkut Corporation. The use of composite materials is the primary characteristic of the MC-21, which makes the plane lighter, cheaper and more reliable. The series will comprise two versions of the plane: one for 165 passengers and the other for 211 passengers.

The minister also added that the sales of the Ansat Aurus VIP class helicopters should reach 20-25 helicopters per year in 2021.

The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter was made by Kazan Helicopters. The helicopter can reach a speed of 275 km’h and cruise at 250 km/h. The Ansat Aurus is capable of lifting over 1.2K kg in its cabin.

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