Micro-mobility market to reach $40 bln

The global market for micro-mobility – electric scooters and electric bikes – will reach $40 bln by 2025, Vasily Bykov, the founder of SamoCat Sharing, said at the PROESTATE International Real Estate Investment Forum on September 19.

Futurists seem to have missed the urban mobility revolution, just like they missed the mobile phone revolution. Sci-Fi authors invented all sorts of technologies of the future, but none of them had ever imagined a modern smartphone. The same holds true for electric scooters. Many books described unmanned vehicles, but no one thought that electric scooters and bikes would be so widespread,” Bykov said.

According to him, by 2025 the urban micro-mobility market is bound to reach $40 bln.

Total capitalization of the seven largest scooter sharing companies has reached $10 bln. By 2035, the market is projected to grow to $100 bln,” the expert added.

He pointed out that electric scooters are ideal for up to 2 km trips. In the future, electric scooters are going to largely replace regular bicycles for short trips.

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