Middle-class Russians take out more loans than others – experts

Middle-class Russians are the most frequent borrowers, Romir research company experts found out. Every fourth person in this group has an outstanding car loan, and every fifth person, consumer loans.

Due to this heavy debt load, the middle class in Russia is more vulnerable than others, the researchers note. According to the study, 89% of middle-income people constantly use credit cards, and 22% pay car loans. However, only 5.1% of this category have mortgages. Such loans are more often used by low-income people; 7.9% of people with low income pay these loans. Wealthy Russians are less likely to buy housing with a mortgage (4.6%).

High-income people are better protected than others: they have two or even three cars per person. Half of the high-income people own a summer house or a land plot.

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