Minister of Labor confirms projected pay rise

Credit: Vladimir Fedorenko | RIAN

Russians’ wages will grow by more than 1% in 2019; compensations in the public sector will increase from October by more than 4%, Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin said quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.

Last year, Topilin made a sensational statement that Russians’ wages were growing at an unprecedented pace of around 11%. The minister was referring to the official statistics of Russia’s state statistics service, Rosstat, based on the planned rise of the minimum wage to the minimum subsistence level. Many were outraged by the official’s statement; he argued that “good news should be taken normally.” This year, the planned growth will continue for the public sector employees both included and not included in the Presidential Executive Orders Vladimir Putin signed in May 2012.

“The required correlation between the incomes of the public sector workers mentioned in the May Orders – doctors, teachers, social and science workers – and their region’s average wage is going to be maintained. We are strictly monitoring its observance,” Maxim Topilin assured.

He could not cite the size or timeframe for the planed indexation, because “each region has its own schedule.” However, he said the salary of state employees not mentioned in the orders will be indexed 4.3% across Russia from October 1, that is, by the amount of the predicted inflation. Other salaries in Russia will be growing at a slower pace than last year.

“According to the baseline forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development, the growth will be 1.4%, but I believe it will be slightly higher,” said Maxim Topilin.

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