Moscow conference discussed STO prospects

On November 28, Moscow hosted Advantages of STO market in comparison to classic startup venture investments conference, organized by the Crypto Valley Association and Rainier AG, the agency which attracts investments in small and medium-sized businesses. The conference brought together Russian and foreign experts in investment, finance, and blockchain.

All the conference materials are now available for downloading. Presentations can be downloaded on the Rainier AG website, and a photo report is available in the official Facebook community. A full conference recording is available on the Rainier AG YouTube channel.

The conference was opened by Dr. Mattia L. Rattaggi, a Board member of the Crypto Valley Association, with the theme “How to boost innovation and the Crypto Valley experience.” Dr. Rattaggi explained why Switzerland has become known as “Cryptonation” and how the governmental authorities have been and are supporting digitization and fintech.

“The governmental focus has been on positioning the country as an attractive economic place by focusing on legal certainty, effective regulation, and good reputation. The first players, including Ethereum foundation, have found a receptive and helpful environment in Switzerland and after some years of a growing number of startups and increasing interactions between them, the service providers and the authorities, it was natural to create an Association that could act as a glue and brings forward the common interest,” Mattia Rattaggi pointed out and stressed that the crypto valley would not be what it is without the technical input and expertise from Russia and that the technical leadership of blockchain Russia is unparalleled.

Eugeny Kabanov, Head of Rainier AG Moscow, indicated the changes that will occur in the financial sector because of STO developing. “STO is not just the securities digitization, but their evolution. Compared to IPO, this method of attracting investments is cheaper, and tokens can be sold online at major international exchanges. I believe this method can not only replace IPOs but also seriously displace the market of venture capital and private investment funds,” he said.

Evgeny Egorov, 1stX exchange platform CEO, indicated stages and nuances of entering the STO. Kirill Varlamov, a blockchain architect, showed how the technological stuffing of the ERC-20 security token looks, and how the ERC/EIP and ERC-1400 standards are used and how they differ.

Lybrion Managing Director Vasily Kudrin spoke about the risks that projects face when entering STO. Maria and Ksenia Vyazemsky, founders of the Value.Tokenized podcasts and the Security Token Club community, shared their views on the STO market from the points of view of investors and issuers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Russia. They also spoke about trends in the secondary market of tokenized assets. Yanina Petrovskaya, lawyer and speaker at international conferences, presented cases on shares tokenization.

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