Moscow Region’s agriculture companies receive $566 mio in investment

Agriculture companies of the Moscow Region received RUR 36.5 mio ($566 mio) in investment in 2018, Moscow Region Minister of Agriculture and Food Andrei Razin said during a news conference on the Moscow Region performance in 2018, at the TASS news agency.

“The Moscow Region is among the top ten regions in terms of dairy production. We are ranked among the top three regions in terms of cheese production and are the leaders in the processing industry,” Razin said.

According to the minster, the investment in the region’s agriculture companies grows every year.

“Last year, 62 enterprises of the Moscow Region’s agro-industrial sector received RUR 36.5 mio in investment. The biggest part went to dairy farming, poultry breeding and the construction of greenhouses and vegetable storages,” Razin said, adding that in 2019 investment will reach RUR 38 mio.

“This year, we want to reconstruct and create at least 65 agricultural enterprises with no less than 1,500 jobs,” the minister said.

He also noted that the development of dairy farming is one of the key priorities. “We want to reach 1 mio tons in milk production by 2021,” he said.

In conclusion, Razin named the major importers of Moscow Region’s agricultural products. Among them are Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

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