Moscow’s 17 high-tech startups offered up-to-date medical solutions in Helsinki

A delegation from Moscow took part in the 4-5 December Slush 2018 conference of Nordic European, Russian and Baltic startups in Helsinki, Finland, presenting 17 high-tech startups under the Made in Moscow brand.  

The event involved over 20,000 guests and investors from all over the world. About 2,600 small companies and startups showcased their projects in various areas.

“We support commercial operations of beginner exporters, and we are ready to help them at every stage of the process of promoting their businesses. The exhibition in Helsinki is a good asset and venue for presenting promising ideas, all the more so as Finland uses many goods and inventions from Moscow. In January-September 2018, the volume of Moscow’s high-tech exports to this country reached an estimated $50 million,” Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalya Sergunina noted.

The most advanced medical technologies from Moscow include the SensoRehab comprehensive solution for treating neurological disorders, the Sense2beat software package for processing and analysing electric cardiograms and the decentralised platform for making medical appointments and exchanging case histories.

Unusual exhibits included the Kibi artificial hand/forearm for children, who can choose any design and colour, including a superhero insignia. Moscow’s inventors displayed a smart watch-telephone and an Aimoto pendant with a button for summoning emergency assistance.

They also presented the world’s only Samocat Sharing kick-scooter sharing system whose owners can keep track of all trips and transactions via personal accounts, also monitoring the stations, prices, journeys and profits.

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