Most Russians have received online threats

The vast majority of Russian internet users, 79%, were threatened online in 2019, according to a Microsoft DCI study.

A year ago, Russians were less likely to receive threats on the internet and were threatened 5% less often. The growing number of threats, according to experts, is not specific to the Russian internet community, but is rather a global trend. According to analysts, over the year, the number of online threats increased by 4% worldwide.

As before, Russians report they have often encountered rudeness online: about 44% of internet users say others have used obscene language while talking to them. Another 43% of Russians complain of online harassment, and 29%, of trolling. Also many Russians have faced online fraud – 53% of respondents say so, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. As many as 65% of online threat targets encounter their attackers in reality – this figure is significantly above the global level.

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