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NEET: The generation fearing offices and company parties

The Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection has published results of a research that shows that one in every ten Russians under the age of 24 is not studying, working or even trying to find employment. 

This category of young people is called NEET (Not in Education, Employment of Training) in the United States and Europe. The Labor Ministry has divided all unemployed youth into three groups.

The first group includes those who are looking for their calling or thinking of founding a startup.

The second group includes young people who tried to look for a job but failed due to lack of experience and good qualifications, and eventually gave up.

People who have not even tried to get a training or seek a suitable job but might be earning a living unofficially are in the third group.

Analysts warn that the NEET youth is a high-risk category. Hoping to make money by creating blogs and hustling, they lose social protection while the hermit lifestyle fuels their fear of job seeking as work requires going to an office, dealing with new people, joining a corporate culture and cooperating with others. They feel stressed and disgusted even when they hear the words “office,” “company party” or “team.”

The Labor Ministry calls for supporting first-time job seekers, offering better career guidance to the younger generation and making training programs more accessible. Employers should be encouraged to hire younger professionals.

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