Neural network colors pre-revolutionary film

DeOldify artificial intelligence colored a 1911 documentary. Moreover, the footage quality was improved up to the 4K format and frame rate increased to 60 frames per second. The new video is available on the YouTube channel of Dmitry Shiryayev who worked on the video.

New York Trip, a 1911 film made by Svenska Biografteatern (Sweden) is a compilation of sights from the largest US city. Users who watched the video noted unnatural but artistically appropriate colors that are typical both for color film and modern films shot on digital cameras and color-corrected in post-production.

The video also has high contrast, with “overexposed” background, milky white roads and overly dark silhouettes of people in suits (the prevailing majority of people in the film are men in classical suits). Apparently, this is due to the properties of the film used at the time rather than problems with the neural network.

Previously, Denis Shiryayev also worked on tweaking The Arrival of a Train by the Lumiere brothers made even earlier, in 1896. He even added sound to the short film made in the age of silent cinema. However, he decided against coloring the most famous film of the 19th century.

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