New credit card scam revealed

Con artists in Russia are trying out a new method of stealing money from credit cards. They tell potential victims that their bank accounts are about to be closed and offer transferring money to a new account, in a scheme described by Izvestia.

Older schemes include posing as bank security when scammers told potential victims that their account may be blocked due to suspicious activity.

However, now fraudsters call bank customers to ask in which branch and when they want to close their account. They tell potential victims that they allegedly received a request to block the account. When the potential victim replies that there was no blocking request, scammers offer transferring money to another account that will definitely not be blocked.

Central Bank representatives say the regulatory body is already aware of the new scam. Experts note that the method is based on social engineering and scammers are simply fine-tuning scripts to gain more trust from potential victims.

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