New radiator production facility launched in Volgograd

A new facility for producing aluminum bimetal radiators has started operating at the Forte Prom GmbH plant in Volgograd. The investments in the project total RUR 2 bln ($31.7 mio).

An interconnected set of five casting units and an automated line for mechanical processing have been installed at the plant.

While touring the facility, Volgograd Region Deputy Governor Roman Bekov said that the governor pursues the policy aimed at the region’s industrial growth, with development of both small and large enterprises being of great importance. According to Roman Bekov, the plant operates efficiently and its products are in demand.

A total of 16 investment projects will be implemented in the region this year, Bekov added.

The first production line of the Forte Prom GmbH plant manufactures 5 mio radiator sections per year. Upon launching the second line, the plant will boost its production to 8 mio items per year.   

Bimetal radiators are used for space heating, most commonly for heating offices, shopping malls, and restaurants.

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