Nuclear-powered space tug presented at MAKS 2019

A model of a unique nuclear-powered space tug was first demonstrated at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2019. Roscosmos State Corporation has been working on it for nine years.

A transport and energy module with a nuclear power unit is designed to deliver cargo to remote areas in space which will become necessary if we begin to develop neighboring planets and build long-term inhabited bases. Roscosmos has already developed design documentation, built and tested several components of a future prototype. The next task is to test the nuclear energy unit in outer space.

It is possible that the advanced Russian spacecraft will be used in development of the Moon. Earlier, Roscosmos announced a public tender for conducting research required for manned missions to the surface of Earth’s satellite. The starting offer is over RUR 373 mio ($5.6 mio).

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