‘Okroshka index’ rises in Russia

Russians have been forced to spend more money on food. The cost of making okroshka, a popular cold Russian soup, went up in June. According to OFD Platform, Russians will have to spend RUR 459 ($6.4) to make this dish at home, which is 6% higher than its cost last year.

Produce such as radishes, potatoes, cucumbers and dill has been affected the most by the price hike, Izvestia reports. Radishes are 38% more expensive than last year and potatoes 16%, making the net worth of okroshka higher this summer.

Analysts estimate that making four servings of okroshka now costs RUR 459. The same dish in a café costs about RUR 120 ($1.7) per person, or 4% more expensive than the year before.

The Federal Statistics Service claims that in May, the average fruit and vegetable prices increased only by 1.6% year-on-year.

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