Over 1,000 investment projects being implemented in Moscow Region


In 2018, investment in the fixed capital of the Moscow Region increased by 12%, Moscow Region Deputy Prime Minister Vadim Khromov said during a news conference on the Moscow Region performance in 2018, at the TASS news agency.

“In 2017, the growth of investment in the Moscow Region’s fixed capital was 5%, and in 2018 it was 12%. We are finishing a series of large projects in the region, related to establishing drug manufacturing and food processing plants,” Khromov said.

According to the minister, the Moscow Region is a leader in industrial production.

“There are over 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises in the region, with over 20 new companies appearing every year. Last year, some 100 industrial investment projects worth over RUR 50 mio ($765K) were realized. In all, there are more than 1,000 investment projects being realized in the region at the moment,” Khromov said, adding that the Moscow Region ranks among the top regions in terms of comfortable environment for investors.

“The modernization of Sheremetyevo International Airport and the construction of the third runway would be one of the largest projects. We are also reconstructing the roads leading to the airport, between Khimki and Lobnya,” Khromov added.

He also said that the development of public-private partnership in the region in a priority.

“Our region takes the first place in terms of the PPP rankings. We are implementing 133 public-private partnership projects with a total investment of RUR 410 bln ($6.2 bln),” the minister said.

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