Pensioners plunge into online shopping

The strict self-isolation recommended to senior citizens in Russia has been on for more than two weeks. Much has changed over this time, including their shopping habits.

According to a study by MBK consultancy, people over 65 are enthusiastically exploring the internet. Their spending on online purchases of household goods has grown by 40%, while younger bank clients began to spend only 15% more online.

Pensioners seem to be buying more books than younger readers. While overall, book sales have decreased, customers older than 65 have increased their spending in online bookstores by 20%.

The only goods where older buyers are still behind youth are toys. Spending on teddy bears, dolls, building blocks, and toy cars among pensioners has dropped by two-thirds. This trend is probably easy to explain – they cannot visit their grandchildren and give them new toys during self-isolation.

In general, according to MBK experts, pensioners have quickly and effectively adapted to the changing environment; they learned to use electronic services and liked shopping in online stores.

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