PM: Government to grant non-repayable aid to business people

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin chaired a meeting with his deputies yesterday on anti-crisis measures to support people and the economy during the spread of the coronavirus infection, website of the government reports.

Such measures include, according to the Prime Minister, “a personal income tax exemption for medical workers who are helping combat the novel infection. This measure will bring doctors an additional RUR 80K ($1.1) per month, medium-grade medical personnel and emergency physicians RUR 50K and paramedical personnel and ambulance drivers RUR 25K ($330).”

Mishustin also mentioned that “The program of interest-free lending by the banks, including for medium-sized and major enterprises in the affected sectors, has been expanded” along with “granting non-repayable aid to business people in the affected sectors for the payment of wages and salaries and the solution of other urgent issues.”

“Companies, which due to a variety of circumstances often have minor tax or insurance payment debts, will be able to qualify for subsidies,” he said, “provided that the debt involved does not exceed RUR 3K ($40).”

To support families, “Those, who have lost their jobs from 1 March onwards, will get increased unemployment benefits and additional money for underage children: RUR 3K per month,” Prime Minister promised.

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