PM: We will forgive €6K to a family welcoming a third child

On Wednesday, PM Dmitry Medvedev presented the government report on its 2018 performance to the State Duma (Parliament’s lower house).

Having covered various issues he, quoted by the web page of the government, said, “Let’s be honest that enabling people to live in dignity and have an interesting life is not just a matter of choice, but also a matter of money.”

Children – and their parents – require government support. As Mr Medvedev said, “Never before have we implemented such an ambitious system of measures: money goes to virtually every child. Families giving birth to a second child are entitled to maternity capital.”

According to the PM, “Low-interest mortgages (6%) have become a substantial asset for families welcoming a second child, and they are to be used to purchase housing on the primary market. In addition, we will forgive RUR 450K (€6K) of the mortgage of a family welcoming a third or subsequent child. We are currently drafting these amendments to the legislation.”

As he noted, “Raising average life expectancy to 78 years by 2024 and to 80 years by 2030 are our national goals. Average life expectancy is increasing and has reached almost 73 years in 2019. In some regions, it has exceeded 75 years, while falling short of 70 years in others; and these regions require special attention. Infant mortality rates and road accident deaths are down 7.3% and 4%, respectively.”

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