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President of the European Federation of Investors on bitter taste regarding South Stream

Kristjan Verbič, President of the European Federation of Investors and of the PanSlovenian Investors’ and Shareholders’ Association gave an interview to Invest Foresight, a main media partner of Gaidar Forum which took place at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Mr Verbič described the activities of the two organizations and the current state and prospects of economic cooperation between Slovenia and Russia.

As he pointed out, “European Federation of Investors is interested in establishing better contacts with decision-makers and institutions in Russia, in broadening and strengthening the relationships which over the past years were not very good because of the sanctions. It looks forward to attracting Russian and other non-EU private and corporate investors.”

According to Kristjan Verbič, “Bilateral relations are more important for Europe than for Russia.” As for the cooperation between the two countries, “In recent years Russian companies made quite significant investments in Slovenia, in its steel industry, meat and poultry production, inter alia. Besides, many Russian citizens buy real estate in Slovenia.” That to a great degree is due to centuries-long “Friendly relations among nations which bring about a better environment for trade, investment, and business cooperation. There are many fields and businesses where the two countries can have a good cooperation.”

Regrettably, some large-scale projects which were about to become reality, never materialized. “We have some bitter taste regarding South Stream project. Yet in the modern world circumstances can change overnight. Still, it’s better to always have a reliable partnership,” Kristjan Verbič concluded.

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