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Public nuisance law toughens in Russia

Credit: Kirill Kallinikov | RIAN

Across all Russian regions, residents will be able to call the police if their neighbors yell, sing or play loud music late at night. Noise fines will be as high as RUR 3K ($47).

The fines for breaking the public nuisance law will be fixed in the Code of Administrative Offenses. Senators proposed the changes to a commission working on a new code. If the proposals are accepted and passed, police will be obliged to promptly check the apartments whose residents are in breach of the law.

Currently, regional officials must close additional agreements with the police if they want the police to promptly respond to late-night parties. However, only one third of the Russian regions have such agreements in place. The public nuisance law does not apply to the other regions and residents have to put up with noisy neighbors. According to new rules, disturbed residents will be able to call the police between 11 pm and 7 am, Izvestia reports.

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